Thiruvazhmarban -Thiruvanparisaram

NammAzhvaar was born after his mother undertook a 41 day penance here

About Temple

Located 5kms North West of Nagercoil Junction and 2kms off the Tirunelveli highway is the Thiruvazhmarban Divya Desam in Thiruvanparisaram(Thirupathisaram). This is one of the two Divya Desams around Nagercoil. Lord Thiru Vazh Marban (ThiruKuralappan) is seen in a Easting Facing Sitting posture with four hands, a conch and chakra.

There are several interesting stories relating to this Divya Desam.

Outerview Of Thiruvan Parisaram

Outerview Of Thiruvan Parisaram

1. Lord Vishnu appears as Rama providing darshan to New Lankan King

Vibheeshana, after attending the Ramar Pattabhishekam in Ayodhya, came to Srirangam where he had to let go the idol of Lord Ranganatha on the Cauvery river banks. On his way back to Lanka from Srirangam, with his thoughts centred around Rama, he is said have visited this place and offered his prayers here.

When the Lord appeared before him and asked for a wish, Vibheeshana wanted to see Rama once again. It is believed that Lord Vishnu provided darshan to Vibheeshana as Rama. Hence, one finds Rama, Sita and Lakshmana to the right of the moolavar deity here.

2. Birth place of NammAzhvaar’s mother

Thiruvanparisaram is the birth place of Udaya Nangai. She was married to a man from Kurugur. Being childless, she undertook a 41 day penance here as instructed the Thirukurungudi Lord Nambi. As a result of this penance, NammAzhvaar was born to them. However, immediately after his birth, he sat under the Tamarind tree in (Azhvaar)Tirunagari and remained speechless for several years.

God At Thiruvan Parisaram

God At Thiruvan Parisaram

3. Rishis directed to Parisaram
Wanting the darshan of Lord Vishnu, Saptha Rishis undertook penance near Suchindram. They were re-directed to undertake further penance about 10kms North West of Suchindram. It is believed that Lord Vishnu provided darshan to these seven rishis at Thiruvanparisaram.

4. The Name- Thiruvazhmarban
After the killing of Asura Hiranyan, Lord Narasimha was in an angry mood. Lakshmi is said to have undertaken penance here to cool down the Lord. As per the request of Prahalad, Lord came here searching for Lakshmi. Happy to find her Lord again and in a cool form as a Shantha Swaroopi, Lakshmi is said to have requested the Lord to provide her a place in his heart which the Lord readily accepted.

As Lakshmi resides in the chest of the Lord at this temple, he came to be called Thiru Vazh Marban.

Presentation of Ramayana
Acceding to the request of Anjaneya, Sage Agasthya is said to have presented the entire story of Ramayana at this place for the benefit of the devotees. In memory of this event, one sees Anjaneya with folded hands addressing Sage Agasthya, who is in a seated posture opposite him. Also, seen in this sannidhi are Lankan King Vibheeshana and Kulasekara Azhvaar.

NammAzhvaar as a child
NammAzhvaar, who was born after the 41 day penance of his mother at this place, is seen as a small child at this temple, to the left of Thiruvazhmarban. This is a special feature at this Divya Desam.

Kulasekara Azhvaar’s contribution
Kulasekara Azhvaar is said to have renovated the temple and built walls and provided Vahanam for the Lord for his procession on special festive occasions.

Quick Facts

Moolavar : ThiruKuralappan(ThiruVazh Marban) with Kamalavalli Thaayar residing in his chest
Paasuram: NammAzhvaar- 1 Paasuram
Temple time: 4am-1030am and 530pm-730pm
Contact : V. Vasudeva Pothy (no telephone or cell phone!!!!)

Chitrai Festival
Puratasi- Saturdays is special at this temple
Avani Thiruvonam
Vaikunta Ekadesi

How to reach the temple

Local town buses from Nagercoil (Anna) bus stand to Thirupathisaram

Auto from Nagercoil bus stand / Railway Station will cost about Rs.50/- Rs75 one way