Sri Deyva Nayaga Perumal Temple -Thiruvaheendrapuram (Tiruvayindhai)

Vaanama malai, which is one of the Divyadesam in Pandiya Naadu has all the characters of curing all and any kind of diseases. With the oil, which is found in the well, all the diseases are cured and the Perumal there is Deva Nayaga perumal.



Similarly, Deva Nayaga Perumal is giving his seva in this sthalam in Nindra Seva and curing all sorts of unrecoverable diseases.
Based on the Valarpirai and Theipirai (the moon’s starting and diminishing periods), the time is calculated and according to that only, the medicines are given to cure the diseases. With the help of Garudan (Garuda Theertham) and Chandran (the moon), the diseases are cured, so Sriman Narayanan gave his Prathyaksham to Garudan and the Moon.

Lord Hayagreevar, who resides on top of the mountain is said to be very powerful God and is capable of reducing all of our problems.
Once upon the time, Sriman Narayanan teased up Sri Lakshmi on seeing her face. Getting anger on him, she gave him the sabhan as that his face will be get cut during some time. As the same way, one arakkan (demon) named Hayagreevan made tapas on Parashakthi for almost 1000 years and asked for varam that if he needs to be killed, an equivalent person of his category and strength should kill him. As his wish, he got the varam and on getting it, he started to kill and destroy the happiness of Devas, the people and munivars in the world.

Hemambujavalli (Thayar)

Hemambujavalli (Thayar)

About the Temple & Location:
This Divyadesam is one of the main sthalam in Nadu Naattu Divyadesam. The temple is situated about 5 Kms away from Cuddalore in South Arcot District, Tamil Nadu. This temple is located underneath a small mountain (Malai Adivaram). 3 miles away from Tirupathirippuliyoor railway station which is in between Chennai – Trichy railway line. Bus facility is also available.


The defeat of Rajendra Chozhan (1210 – 1256 AD) by Sundara Pandiyan.

3rd Raja Raja Chozhan, who went along the North to get the help from Kundala King Veera Narasimhan was arrested by Kopperun Chozhan singan and was kept in jail in Sendha Mangalam.
On hearing this, Veera Narasimhan took the war on Kopperun Chozhan with the help of his generals Appanna Thanda Nayagan and Samuthira Koppaiyathnda Nayan and released Raja Raja Chozhan and finally he got his empire.

Sthlapuranam :
Aadhisheshan worshipped Sriman Narayanan in this sthalam. Aadhiseshan brought both the Viraja Theertham (Garuda Nadhi) and Ganga Nadhi together and dedicated those two rivers towards the divine feet of Sriman Narayanan. Near to the temple, Aushadhagiri, a medicinal mountain is seen. It is said that during Ramayana time, when Hanuman took Sanjeevi Malai, a small part of it was dropped on the land and that small part is said to be this Aushadhagiri mountain, which is said to be full of medicinal herbs are found.

Once Vedantha Desikar wanted to see Sriman Narayanan and started doing Tapas and the Perumal came in front of him. He did the Tapas in this Aushadhagiri Mountain only. Sriman Narayanan fully satisfied on his Tapas, showed his seva as “Lord Hayagreevar” along with Garudalwar. On the top of the mountain, a separate sannadhi for Sri Yoga Hayagreevar is found.
Sri Vedantha Desikar lived for almost 40 years in this sthalam and we can see the Thirumaaligai he lived. Separate utsavams in September – October for Sri Vedantha Desikar is done in a very grand manner.
Generally, the milk for snakes will be poured into Putru (very small place made of mud where snakes are found), but instead here in this sthalam, the milk is poured into a well inside the Koil Pragharam. The well is called as “Sesha Theertham”. With this Sesha Theertham, the neivedhyam (food) or Prasadham is done for the Perumal and with the Garuda Theertham, the Thirumanjanam (divine bath given to the Perumal) is done. In Thai and Aadi month, in this sthalam, the milk is not poured into putru (ant hill) instead it is poured into the Well (Sesha theertham), which is found inside the temple.



His head was same as that of the horse. So, Lord Brahma took Sriman Narayanan’s head and replaced it with the horse’s head. Finally, Sriman Narayanan killed Hayagreeva demon and he along with Aadhi Lakshmi sat on top of this mountain and giving all the health and wealth to the people of this world.

There was a little bit of religious intolerance in the minds of the people during Chozha Emperor’s time. Once, a Chozha King came to this sthalam and thought of demolishing this Hayagreeva temple. At that time, to aliminate the racism out from his heart, Sriman Narayanan changed himself to Lord Shiva with 3 eyes and Jada mudi (long hair in the head) and gave seva to Chozha Emperor and explained him all the Gods are same and there should not be any difference between the God.

The Perumal in this sthalam is Deva Nayaga Perumal with the Lotus in the inner palm of his right hand, and in the fore head, he has the Eye along with Jada mudi and Changu and Chakram on his hands. This is one of the seva which tells us all the Gods are the same because, Lotus which is found with Lord Brahma, and Nettrikkan (ey on the fore head) and Jada Mudi which is found with Lord Shiva and Sangu and Chakram which is found with Shri Vishnu. This shows there should be no fights between Vaishnavam and Saivam and both are similar one. To explain this, he gives sevas as like this in this sthalam.

Both, the Snake and the Garudan are said to opposite (enemies) to one another. But, in this sthalam, they both worshipped the Perumal along with each another as brothers.
Goddess Saraswathi, the Goddess of Education was taught by Hayagreevar of this sthalam.

Since Aheendiran (Ananda Azhvaan Aadiseshan) worshipped the Perumal here, this place is called as “Aheendirapuram”


The Moolavar of this sthalam is Deyva Nayagan Perumal. Moolavar in standing position facing his thirumugham towards East direction.

The important festivals of this temple are: (1) 10 days Brahmotsavam in Chitrai – Garuda Seva on the 5th day and on the 9th day thousands of devotees attend the Chariot festival and ‘Thirthavari’. (2) 10 days Vasanthotsavam in Vaikasi. Hindu festivals like Adi Amavasai, Pavithrothsavam in Avani, Deepavli, Tirukkarthigai, Vaikunta Ekadasi and so on are also celebrated with much fanfare.

How To Reach

Distance from important cities: From Cuddalore-6 kms; Panrutti-22 kms; Villupuram-50 kms; Pondicherry-20 kms.

Lodging facilities: Private lodges, rental range from Rs.200/- to Rs.600/- are available at Cuddalore.

Transport facilities: Thiruvaheendrapuram is in Cuddalore-Panrutti route. Enough buses run from Cuddalore to Thiruvahendrapuram. Thiruppathirippuliyur is the nearest railway station and Chennai, the nearest airport.