Petti Kali Amman – Korannatu Karuppoor

About Temple

It is one of the ‘Panchakrosha Sthalas’ on the banks of the river Cauvery. The presiding Murti (Deity) is ‘Sundareswara’ (as He was praised by the Devas, Sundara and Logasundara) and His consort is ‘Abirami’. Sundaramurtinayanar praised the Lord by singing beautiful psalms. There is a portion about the temple in the name ‘Koranattukkarupur Kshetra Mahimai’ (glory of the temple) in Adhikumbeswara Kshetra Ula written by Vidvan Meenakshi Sundaram.

Brahma, installed a Sivalinga in a dense forest (Vana) containing Pathiri trees (hence the name Padalavanam) and worshipped the Lord daily. He was blessed with Jnana Upedesa (initiation into the mysteries of Wisdom) by the Lord. It is called Koranattukkarupur at present. Agasthiyar, Vakkilliyar, Kanva and other sages worshipped the Deity. Indra came with his vehicle (Vahana)- Airavatha (white color elephant) and worshipped the Deity. He got deliverance from curse on a Full Moon Day of Chithirai (Tamil calender month). Hence the Bramotsava has been celebrated nowadays.

Petti Kali Amman - Korannatu Karppoor

Petti Kali Amman - Korannatu Karppoor

A big box, containing a beautiful wooden image (half portion-hip to head) of the Goddess Kali which was floating on the river Cauvery , drifted ashore at Thiruppadalavanam. The devotees placed the box under a thatched roof and later on shifted to Sundareswaraswamy temple and placed it on the eastern side of the main shrine. She was named Sundara Ma Kali (beautiful great Kali). She has eight hands. The four hands on the right side hold Sula (Trident), Aruval (Bill hook), Udukkai (Drum), Kili (Parrot) and the four hands on the left side hold Pasa (Noose), Ketaya (shield), Mani (Bell), Kapala (Skull). She has fiery eyes and two fangs. Her graceful reddish face attracts thousands of devotees from all parts of the country. She is bedecked with (unguent) civet and sacred ash at the time of worship.

As per tradition the priest does not return back the saffron powder (kum kum), Lemon (Elumicchai), and flowers offered to the Goddess by the devotees. One should worship the Goddess by performing Pallaya pooja before unlocking (opening) the box. Once in a year, during Uththarayana Kala (period of the Sun’s progress towards the north for six months from Thai month) the terrific, ferocious but benevolent Goddess is taken into procession with all Divine Paraphernalia (playing folk instruments such as Tharai – long brass musical instrument and Thappattai – headed drum) in a palanquin. It is carried by lot of devotees and it rocks to and fro on the streets of the village which is decorated with coconut, mango and margosa leaf festoons to invite the Deity.

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