Kalasnathar Temple – Thirukalasanallur

About Temple:

Situated 2 kms from kumbakonam .One of the 12 temples associated with amutha kalasam (Pot of nectar).This temple also known as kottai kovil.

Godess Amirthavalli - Thirukalianallur

Godess Amirthavalli - Thirukalianallur


1) To Overcome Marriage Obstacles one can visit this temple

2) For nagadosham

3) Equal to visiting thirumanajeri temple.

4)Sung by sundara moorthy nayanar's

5)Belived to be built in 4th century.

God : Kalasanathar
Godess: Amirthavali

Temple Timings: 11.00-12.00 Evening: 6.00 -8.00


Long long ago, during the great deluge, Brahma collected all the seeds of creation in a pot of nectar, which floated down the water, and finally came to rest at one place. The story goes on, with Siva appearing as Kiratamurthy (hunter) along with his wife Parvati, and shattering the pot with his arrow. The nectar spilled over, creating a pool, and the broken pot took the form of a Shiva lingam. Since the lingam originated from a pot (Kumbham), and was the fist form taken at the beginning of creation, this lingam came to be known as Adi Kumbheswarar and this place is known as Kumbakonam (Kumbham = pot, and Konam = crooked, for the pot broke crookedly). The pool formed by the nectar is the holy Mahamagham tank, where, it is believed, the nine holy rivers come to take a bath and purify themselves once every 12 years. This is celebrated on a grand scale, and thousands and thousands of devotees arrive here to have a dip in this sacred pond on that day.

For a small city
, Kumbakonam has an amazing number of temples, most of them huge. On almost every road, you come across at least a couple of them. It is not surprising, for there are a number of temples connected to the legend of the pot of nectar, and there are others which are related to the visions and experiences of the large number of holy men who came to this holy city in their quest for knowledge or liberation.

There are six major Shiva temples in Kumbakonam
, all related to the pot of nectar shattered by Shiva as Kiratamurthy. These are:
1. Adi Kumbeswarar – the pot of nectar itself,
2. Nageswarar – the bilva leaf in the pot fell here,
3. Someswarar – the thread tying the pot (also known as Kudanthai Kaaronam)
4. Abimugeswarar – the coconut in the pot,
5. Gautameswarar – the sacred thread (also called Yagnopaveeteswarar), and
6. Bana Pureeswarar – it was here that Shiva broke the pot with an arrow (Baanam)
In Kalasanthar Temple

In Kalasanthar Temple