Sri Ksheerapthi Nathan – ThirupPaarkadal

About the Abode:

This is one among the Eternal Location (Vinnulaga thirupathi), where one can’t reach there with the human body, and only our soul (Atma) can reach there. This Tirupathi can’t be viewed through our ordinary eyes. However, the seers, Rishis and Muni’s of yore, with an insight and power of Penance, they could visualize this Eternal Location with their power of Telepathy and Njana Drushti.

This Thiru Paarkadal Divyadesam doesn’t exists in this mighty earth. Because of this, along with out human body, we cant able to see this sthala perumal. It is situated trillions & trillions of light years from the Earth, crossing the sky and above it, the Lord God perumal is on the Serpent known as Aadhisesha in Bhujanga Sayana and facing along the South direction which is said to be watching the activities of Yama dharma.

All Devar are said to be persons where shadow doesn’t fall and their feet doesn’t touch the land. Likewise, the perumal in Paarkadal is watching all of the activities of all Aathmas and depending upon their pava (sin) and Punya (good) activities, he decides on the final Mukthi.

The Lord God resides in all living creatures and even in atom. Lord God Emperumaan separates as Sri Vasudeva, Sangarshana, Prathyumnan and Anirudha. Sri Vasudevan is capable of giving Njana, Sakthi, Tejas and is said to have the qualities (amsam) of Sriman Narayanan. Sangarshanan is said to be having the great qualities like Sakthi and Gnana and is said to be the amsam of Lord Shiva. Prathyumnan is said to be the amsam of Lord Brahma Deva and is a great Gjana person. Anirudh is said to be the amsam of Parasakthi and Lakshmi piratti and has the inbuilt qualities like richness, Gnana and Sakthi.

Sri Vasudeva in equivalent to Kesava, Madhava and Narayana. Sangarshan is equivalent to Govinda, Vishnu and Madhusoodhan. Prathyumnan is equivalent to Thiruvikrama, Vaamana and Sridhara. Anirudhan is equivalent to Rishikesa, Padmanabha and Damodhara.

These all 12 are referred to as 12 Sooryas and chandras who are along in all 12 directions (sides) there by making all Jeevathmas to emerge, lead their life, calculating their Pava and Punya known as Sins & good deeds.

“Om Namo Nrayana”, the Ashtakshara Manthra is surrounded all over this divyadesam and by chanting this mantra, we too reach the Thiruppaarkadal Nathan of this divyadesam.


This Thirupaarkadal divyadesam doesn’t exists in this mighty earth. Because of this, along with out human body, one can’t see this sthala perumal. It is said to be situated trillions of light years away from the Earth.


The Moolavar of this divyadesam is Sri Ksheerapthi Nathan. Also named as “Thiruppaarkadal Nathan”. He is on the Aadhiseshan in sleeping posture known as Sayana – Kidantha thirukkolam facing his South direction. Prathyaksham for Brahma deva, Rudra (Lord Shiva) and all other Devas and Rishis.


There are two Thaayars namely Kadal Magal Naachiyaar and Sri Devi thaayar.


Periyalwar – 5 Paasurams
Andal – 3 Paasurams
Kulasekara alwar – 2 Paasurams
Thirumazhisaialwar – 13 Paasurams
Thondaradippodialwar – 1 Paasurams
Thirumangai alwar – 10 Paasurams
Poigai alwar – 1 Paasuram
Bhoodathalwar – 2 Paasurams
Pei alwar – 4 paasurams
Nammalwar – 9 Paasurams
Total – 50 Paasurams.


Amirtha theertham.

Ashtanga Vimaanam.