Anjaneyar Temple – Namakkal

About Temple :
Namakkal is famous for a life size Hanuman Statue(Anjaneynar) carved out of a single stone. The city lies at the foot of a huge rock, upon which there is a fort. The name Namakkal immediately brings to mind ‘Namakkal Anjaneyar’ – the temple of Hanuman at Namakkal. The idol of Hanuman is 18 feet or so in height, and stands under open sky. Opposite to the Hanuman is a temple of Narasimha.
The Greatness of Lord Anjaneya:
It is said that Lord Anjaneya brought the Salakrama Hills from Nepal as instructed by his guru Narasimha Murthy and named it as Namakkal. The Lord presents Himself in Vishwarupa Dharshan with His hands worshipping in the open terrace, exposing Himself to natural calamities like flood, hot sun and storm. It is believed that He keeps on growing height wise. The people of Namakkal pray to the Lord for blessing them with good sense, health, boldness, success, wealth and fine speech.
ri Hanuman played a vital role in Lord Sri Rama’s kingdom. He had served Lord Sri Ram in all the ways, as a servant in personal life, as a Minister in political operations, as a knight in his military and etc., Hence, he decorated himself with silk cloths, gold and diamond ornaments and short sword suitable to all his roles and responsibilities. With the same dresses, jewels and decorations, Sri Hanuman came to Namakkal and serving the Lord Sri Narashima.

You could realize this by having Dharsan of Sri Hanuman in this temple. Sri Hanuman is decorated with golden Crown; big diamond Earrings, lengthy gold Garlands and Chains; Fingers decorated with rings; wrists decorated ornaments; Hip covered with golden belt; a short curved sword in right hand side of hip; ankles clubbed with gold rings; such a nice huge and beautiful deity of Sri Hanuman, we couldn’t see anywhere in this world.
One more specialty of this temple is as follows: Lord Sri Hanuman don’t like roof over him, would like to stay in open sky. In past centuries, many people tried many times to build roof for Sri Hanuman, but Lord Hanuman didn’t accept it. For one of the devotees, in dream, Sri Hanuman declared as follows: “My supreme master Lord Sri Narashimha stays inside cave. There is no roof for him as Hill is the natural roof by itself. Since, my master doesn’t have the roof, I don’t want to stay under the roof. Let me live in open sky and do the service for Lord Narashimha for ever”.
Pallava kingdom built many halls, compound walls and numerous stone sculptures in this temple, but couldn’t build a roof for Sri Hanuman. This is the proof that Lord Sri Hanuman didn’t allow to build a roof for him. Even ten years before, temple renovation completed with huge budget, but the square portion of where Sri Hanuman stands, left for open sky.
Devotees comes day and night and do worship to Sri Hanuman in all aspects. With the great Anugraham of Lord Hanuman, they get relief for all the problems. Devotees surrender to Sri Hanuman, who always takes care of his devotees with special attachment.
Devotees are coming from all over the World to have Dharsan of this temple. Devotees offer sacred tulasi garlands, sweet-scented betel garlands and flower garlands for decorating Sri Hanuman. Devotees offer milk, ghee, honey, sugar and nuts with full of devotion.
Contact Details:

Executive Officer,
Arulmigu Narasimma Swamy Temple,
Kottai Naamakkal - 637 001
Ph : 04286 - 233999