Thiru Ezhuttarinatheswarar Temple - Innambur

Innambur Temple:

Innambur Temple is considered as the 45th in the series of Tevara Stalams located north of the river Kaveri. Legend has it that Shiva is revealed the grammar of Tamil to Agasthyar here and is also said to have submitted temple accounts to a king. Airavatam the mythological elephant worshipped Shiva here.

His Holiness Lord Nithyakalyani Udanurai Ezhuttarinadhar Temple: On endowing the poet sage Agathiyar with the rules of Tamil Grammar, he came to be known as Ezhuttarinadhar. Sudhanman governed the temple activities with much devotion and honesty. To dispel any suspicions of the king against Sudhanman’s governance, He took the form of Sudhanman and presented the king with all the accounts of the temple activities. To increase a student’s mental capacities, devotees offer prayers at this temple, which is also famous for the worship of Airavadham- the white elephant of the Devas.

Temple: A five-tiered Rajagopuram greets visitors above the entrance of the temple. IT has two prakarams, while a Gajaprishta Vimaanam with five kalasams crown the sanctum. This temple covers two acres. Stucco images on the vimana illustrate the Stala Puranam. The Shivalingam and the entrance to the sanctum are massive. Nityakalyani Amman is situated to the right of Shiva, there is a separate shrine for Sugandha Kundalambal in the outer prakaram. Nityakalyani Amman`s shrine is located close to Shiva`s shrine and represents the Kalyanakkolam of Shiva. Inscriptions from the Chola and Vijayanagar periods are also found in this temple.