Gautameswarar Temple

Location: Sri Gowthameswarar Temple is located to the eastern bank of the Mahamaham tank , Kumbakonam .

Main deity: Swayambu linga known as Gowthameswarar & Souandra nayaki.

Importance: The thread around the kumba fell here & linga formed and known as Gowthameswaran. Gowthama muni to get rid of the sin due to killing of a cow he worshipped siva here and created the Gowthama teertham. The lord of the temple is also known as Yagnobhaveetheswar ( Shiva ) and the Goddess is Sundaranayagi.

Sivan – Gautameswarar

Ambal – Souandra Nayaki

Theertham – Gowthama Theertham