Azhagaputhur is a village 4 km from the town Kumbakonam. This is located on the way of going from Kumbakonam to Needamangalam and also previous stop of Natchiar kovil.

This is considered to be the 66th in the series of Thevara Sthalams in the Chola kingdom located South of the river Kaveri.It is also known as Arisir karai puthur.

Padikasunather Temple also has famous for Lord Murugan’s beautiful statue. The temple here is for Shiva – called the Padikkasunaadhar.

The residents of this village believed that if you place two identical coins or notes on the padi (Step) of the Garbhagriha & the priest returns you one to be kept in your Pooja at home.

The Murugan holds the Sangu & Chakram in two hands. Legend says that Perumal loaned them to Him for the Soorasamhaara. The peacock faces left in this temple.